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Training summary of Job Entry Training Kalawalagui Jhapa

Back ground: Province and Local Government Support Programme, Province Center Good Governance (PCGG) Jhapa organized the two events of Job Entry training in Kalawalguri Jhapa. The programme is organized as per the PASIP 2021/2022. As per annual work plan, this training support to achieve the result of outcome 3 and output 14.  The training supports to newly appointed LGs official to improve their quality service delivery and working procedure of local government. It is also meaning full to newly appointed staffs to uplift their career in future.   Provincial Training Center, Province 1, Kalwalguri Jhapa organized this training as per the request of Local governments. There are 46 participants participating in the training in 2 slots. Participants invited from 36 LGs from 14 districts of province -1. The duration of the training was 7 days residential. It started from 22 September to 28 September 2021.

On this training, total 50 LGs new appointed officials invited from 14 districts and out of them, total 46 participants from 36 LGs are participated.  The women participation is seemed good. out of 46, total 20 women participated. PTC /PCGG managed the quality facilitators from different sectors. The seven days training divided in to 28 sessions and 10 professionals' facilitators facilitated the session.

The training management and facilitation support provided by Mr. Balram Sharma Capacity Development export, Bidhya Gautam Curriculum development expert, Tshring yodin Sherpa GESI expert and PTC team.

The inauguration programme was organized and the programme chaired by Mr. Ganesh prasad Timsina (executive director, PTC). The objective of the training clarifies by CD Expert Mr. Balram Sharma. The inauguration programme was closed with valuable suggestion and remarks by chairperson.  

Objectives: To capacitate newly appointed LGs officials (NA.SU, Level 5) on service entry training, and to achieve the result of PCGG/PLGSP under outcome 3 and output 14.1

Outputs Delivered: The Job entry training is found fruitful, total 46 participants from 2 events are participated, received the quality training. Women participation is found impressive.

Detail of training participant: The seven days residential training was organized in Kalabalguri Jhapa. Training organized in 2 groups. The group 1, total 22 participants (10, Female) and in group 2, total 24 participants (10 women) participated in the training.

Training Venue: PTC, Kalawalguri Jhapa,

Remarks and suggestion: Executive director Ganesh Prasad Timsina chair the inauguration programme. ED Mr. Timsina, shared the importance of Job entry training. This training support to quality service delivery to officials. He emphasizes that this training is very important to uplift the career growth of individuals.

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