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9th National Executive Committee (NEC) Meeting- Minutes

Meeting Date: 18th June 2024 (Kathmandu)

Meeting chaired by: Mr. Mukunda Prasad Niraula, Secretary, MoFAGA.

Meeting Convener: Dr. Narayan Prasad Regmi, Joint-Secretary, MoFAGA and National Program Director, PLGSP.

Participation: Representatives from MoFAGA, NPC, OPMCM, MoF, MoWCSC, PLGSP JFA DPS, UNDP, USAID and PCU team.


1. The National Executive Committee (NEC) duly acknowledged the progress status of the Province and Local Governance Support Programme-PLGSP for year 2023/24.

2. The NEC acknowledged the progress towards the reprogramming of PLGSP and endorsed the Reprogramming Document for the year 2024-2029, and agreed to put forward the Reprogramming Document to National Steering Committee (NSC) with subject to insertion of feedback and comments for approval.

Click here to access the presentation slides of 9th NEC

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