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Submitted by plgspadmin on 17 July 2022
Success Stories

IPF project implementation plan preparation workshop and contract signing ceremony program were conducted from Chaitra 20 to Chaitra 22 at Hotel Srinagar, Tansen, Palpa. A total of 4 participants were invited from each of the 9 LGs. Besides, IPF technical committee members, PPD, PPM, IT and e-governance specialist from PCU, the PPIU team members, and representatives from OCMCM participated in the program. An intensive workshop was conducted where each LGs worked in their groups to finalize their project implementation plan and activity-wise budget breakdown prior to the contract signing ceremony. In turn, feedback and suggestions were given to LGs to further refine their project implementation plan. Finally, a contract signing ceremony was held where a formal IPF project contract was signed between the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) from respective LGs and Provincial Program Director(PPD).