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Judicial Dispute Resolution Training Conducted in Sudurpashchim

A three-day long training on “Judicial Dispute Resolution for judicial members (JC) of Local Governments (LG) in Kailali and Kanchanpur was conducted and completed from 18 April to 20 April, 2024, in Dhangadhi. The Hon’ble Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA), Mr. Bhanu Bhakta Joshi, was the chief guest at the training inaugural session, which was chaired by the deputy mayor of Dhangadhi Sub-metro, Mrs. Kandakala Rana. The major training objective was to enhance the capacity of LG judicial committee members in resolving disputes or other legal cases lodged under JC jurisdiction, and it also aimed to build a platform for learning and exchanging LGs' JC best practices.

Mr. Gehendra Bam, the executive director of SPRTA, Punna, Doti, welcomed the guests and participants in the inaugural session and briefed about the rationale and objectives of conducting JDR training for judicial members. Along with outlining the responsibilities and functions of JC members, Dr. Hari Prasad Lamsal, the principal secretary of the Sudurpaschim Province, fortified the training's validity. Prior to the start of the training, the SPRTA and the Nepal Bar Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which served as a basis for both the organizations to initiate and organize this training collectively.

Speaking at the inaugural session of the training, Hon’ble. Minister, Bhanu Bhakta Joshi, highlighted a few key JC concerns of LGs. Speaking further, Minister Joshi offered insightful advice regarding the judicial performance of LGs operating under the authority granted by the prevailing laws of the country. He expressed his belief that amicable inter-governmental relations would be strengthened through MoFAGA/PLGSP and requested LGs to use their best initiatives as frontliner to expedite the delivery of services, development programs, and good governance that citizens would perceive and experience at the local level. Minister Joshi further emphasized that the funds should be allocated to promote local economic development in order to prevent the youths going aboard for the labor-based employment and/or study. Hon’ble Minister stated that the judicial function of the LGs can be impeded by many social stigmas, conservative and traditional thinking. Therefore, the JCs at local level must take precautions while dealing with disputes or issues based on traditional faiths in order to preserve social harmony and trust towards the local government. The minister also suggested that the LGs fully utilize their revenue potentials in order to become an autonomous and self-dependent government.

The training was conducted for three days by mobilizing experienced facilitators from law backgrounds. The Nepal Bar Council provided the training facilitator, and at their particular request, the district judges of Kailali and Kanchanpur districts also assisted in the training facilitation. The training contents were carefully selected and designed using JC's theoretical and empirical foundations at the local level. A total of 57 participants from all LGs of Kanchanpur and Kailali participated and benefited from the training.

On the third day, during the closing of the JDR training, Mr. Dirgha Bahadur Soradi, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sudurpaschim Province pledged to the participants that the province would be prepared to mobilize the PLGSP program to strengthen inter-governmental relations and work towards achieving results in the province through PLGs capacity development initiatives.

Speaking at the closing session, the PLGSP National Program Manager Mr. Gokarna Upadhyaya stated that MoFAGA/PCU/PLGSP would provide funding to support the province and local governments' capacity development. He further requested that PLGs make use of the fund and program to institutionalize their institutions in order to provide the best possible services and make sure that citizens smile by receiving services at their doorsteps.

As the chair of the training closing session, the executive director of SPRTA, Punna, Doti expressed thanks to all relevant federal, provincial, and local government stakeholders, including the Nepal Bar Council, and reaffirmed his commitment on behest of SPRTA to providing all possible supports in building PLGs' organizational, institutional, and human resource capacities in the days to come. The both inaugural and wrap up sessions have been moderator by LGE/TL Mr Ram Singh Thagunna.

Judicial Dispute Resolution Training Conducted for LGs in Sudurpashchim
Judicial Dispute Resolution Training Conducted for LGs in Sudurpashchim
Judicial Dispute Resolution Training Conducted for LGs in Sudurpashchim
Judicial Dispute Resolution Training Conducted for LGs in Sudurpashchim