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Binayak Banquet, Bardibas, Mahottari

IPF Contract signing ceremony Program in Madhesh Province

13 March 2023, Bardibas, Mahottari

IPF contract signing ceremony program was conducted on Falgun 28, 2079 at Binayak Banquet Bardibas, Mahottari District, Madhesh Province. A total of 4 participants were invited from each of the 7 LGs. Besides, PPD and PPM, TA staff of PPIU also participated in the program. Intense discussion was held between each LGs and PPIU Team regarding the IPF project implementation. Finally, a contract signing ceremony was held where a formal IPF project contract was signed between the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) from respective LGs and Provincial Program Director (PPD), PLGSP, Madhesh Province.

Contract signing with LG
Describing about the Contract details
LG Representatives studying the Contract document
PPD describing about the Contract details