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Submitted by lumbini on 2 February 2023
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Provincial Coordination Committee (PCC) meeting was organized on 1st February 2023 (18 Magh 2079) at OCMCM, Dekhuri, Dang. A total of 30 participants, including 13 PCC members participated in representing the Provincial Assembly Members, Acting Principal Secretary, Mayors, Deputy Mayors, Chairpersons, and Vice-chair persons from local governments, and associations OCMCM, PPIU, and Secretaries from provincial ministries. Honorable Chief Minister; Leela Giri Chaired the meeting and spelled out some agendas to be discussed. 

At the beginning of the meeting, Yamkant Pandey; Under-Secretary/PPM welcomed all the participants in the meeting. He introduced the PLGSP program; its goal, objectives, and outcomes. He presented an overall introduction about PLGSP and key achievements to date at the provincial level. Likewise, Kamansingh Thapa Magar; Under-secretary/Executive Director of PCGG presented the overall key achievements and progress of PCGG. Both presentations explored achieved results, lessons learned, issues, challenges, and further direction. Similarly, PPM presented the whole process that was completed for the selection of IPF projects. The PCC selected two IPF projects after an in-depth discussion.


The following key agendas and decisions were made in the meeting;

1.      Progress update: The progress of the PLGSP, including key achievements, challenges, lessons learned, and experiences should be replicated for further effective implementation of the activities for better results.

2.      IPF Project Selection: After in-depth discussion, the PCC approved two projects of Rurukshetra Rural Municipality, Gulmi, and Bijaynagar Rural Municipality, Kapilvastu.

3.      Recommendation: The discussion concluded that the two IPF projects have challenges in the aspect of timely completion, implementation, and quality delivery. And suggested preparing a realistic plan, and action steps to achieve its goal.