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Submitted by province1 on 14 March 2024
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The Provincial Research and Training Academy (PRTA), Kalwalguri Jhapa under Provincial and Local Government Support programme (PLGSP) has successfully accomplished the 7 days capacity building training on integrated organic agriculture and farm design to agriculture section staffs (JT/JTA) from the 5th March 2024 to 11th March, 2024 in Kalgalguri Jhapa. The participants were from of 64 Local level (43 Rural Municipalities 21 Municipalities) of Koshi province whereas the total number of participants were 64 including Male: 33, Female: 32, Janajati: 24, Brahmin/Chhetri:36, Madhesi: 3 and Dalit 2.  The major objective of the training is to enhance the knowledge and skills of JT/JTAs, promote organic farming in the local level and mainstream the organic farming activities and programmes in the local government's planning process.

The participants were divided into two group and facilitated them based on the agreed contents. The major course of the training is like; Key elements and consideration for organic farming, organic certification system in Nepal, Standards of organic farming, soil testing with kit box, preparation beds for organic farming, planning and enhancing microorganisms in the field, organic pest management techniques, organic model farms community mobilization, permaculture farm and design process, Marketing and network. Between the training Field trip/exposure was also managed in Sotang Organic Farm Dharan, Sunsari for one day visit each group. The training was begun with pre-test and concludes with post-test.


The training was quite productive for the participants. As the score of pre-test and post test also shows that the person who had secured the only 1 number in the pre-test; increased the number with 12 number including the highest score was 25 out of 25 questionnaires, whereas the highest number in pre-test was 12.

 At the closing ceremony of the training the boys' participants' representative had shared that the training was quite fruitful for them in terms of content, knowledge management, contribute to local government planning including girls' participants' representative Ms. Wahipma Chemjong from Chaudandigadhi Municipality also shared that the training was quite new for her, actually the concept of permaculture is quite interesting. She happily shared that this training has motivated to all the participants to advance the organic farming in the local level and equip them with standard knowledge and skills. Both shared that they are quite grateful with the PRTA/PLGSP and trainers for this opportunity of enhancing the knowledge, skills and understanding on organic farming and farm design including they had appreciated heartily the logistic management of the whole training and the closing ceremony was followed by participants' certification. The training was formally closed by PRTA's Executive Director Mr. Bishnu Kumar Karki, he had thanked to all participants and Resource persons including shared few guidance and expectation after the training in respective local level. The Resource person of the training were Mr. Bibek Dhital and Kapil Prajapati from Kavrepalanchowk district.